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Own Branding

Would you like to customise an entire range of amenities that is manufactured to your specific needs and branding ?
We can assist in developing a whole new range of toiletries and amenities that will enhance the experience of your customers as well as building a brand that is specific to your organisation. We will work with you in all areas to personalise your collection with distinction.
All of our products are registered with the CPNP - Cosmetic Products Notification Portal as required by EU Law.

All of our products hold valid EU compliant Cosmetic Safety Assessments.

All of our products are formulated and tested extensively before being released to the market.

You choose your own RRP.  As your products are exclusive to you,
the customer cannot compare prices and therefore you are free
to set your own RRP.  

We are happy to remove all of our own information from the packaging to ensure that you get the repeat business.

All ingredients are listed clearly along with directions for use and any warning that may be required to comply with EU law.

We are open to ideas and can even formulate new products especially for you, just ask.

You have created the illusion of having your own brand of toiletries which means that when your customers love the products they have to return to you directly to re-purchase as they are unique to you.

To ask for a quote or enquire about any product information please email